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United Native America

United Native America Initiates A Nation Wide Push To Remove
Columbus Day As A Tax Paid Federal Holiday

United Native America is calling on the Federal Government and all State Governments to stop using tax payers money to pay for the Columbus Day Holiday. People that want to see this come about should contact their Federal and State Representatives and ask them to draft a bill calling on their government to stop using taxpayers money to support Columbus Day Holiday.

Their main response for doing this should be that the true history of Columbus is not being taught in our nations schools. Our nations schools today pronounce Columbus as a hero, a great discoverer, not one word is stated in school history books about the inhuman treatment toward the Indian people Columbus came in contact with. Columbus never set foot on America, he was lost and would have died from lack of food and water if not for the indigenous Indians that found him.

Today not one Federal Government tax paid holiday pays tribute to the American Indians heritage, history or to the countless contributions they have made to bring about the America we know today. The Federal Government has seen fit over the years to establish tax paid holidays for religious, ethnic and racial groups here in our true home land, it's time for our government to own up to it's true beginning and that beginning started with the American Indians, there is not one good reason for not having a national holiday for the indigenous peoples of America.

All States and the Federal Government should follow the action of South Dakota, who has changed Columbus Day to Native American Day, the second Monday of October. Seventeen states have dropped Columbus Day as a state paid holiday.

A large number of Italian Americans around the country do not want Columbus representing their heritage, they want to bring about Italian Heritage Day and not be a tax paid holiday as is Saint Patrick's Day and Ocktoberfest are set up for the Irish and German American communities.

Our Federal Government needs to reevaluate it's national holiday list to include American Indians and Native Hawaiians. Congressman Joe Baca of California, this year has introduced House Resolution 167 IH to the US Congress, it calls for the Federal Government to bring about National Native American Day. This resolution would establish a unified national day for the country to pay tribute toward the First Americans heritage, history and contributions to the formation of America and it's government.

Bringing about Native American Day will set the stage for truth being taught in our nations schools as to the American Indian community and Native Hawaiians.

Progressive Italians to Transform the Columbus Holiday

Mike L. Graham
Founder United Native America

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Mike L. Graham
Founder United Native America



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