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National & International Radio-TV-Newspapers
AJR NewsLink

Media Web Links

American Indian Movement San Diego
www.REZ-BIZ.com and www.myspace.com/rezbiz
Dr. Daniel N. Paul - Mi'kmaq (Micmac) Author
Gathering of Nations Internet Radio
Pierre Capital Journal, South Dakota Newspapers
NativeRadio - Your portal to the beauty and mystery of Native American Music
In the Mix
Welcome to UrbaNative
KOLA International Campaign Office
Country Road Chronicle
Oglala Sioux Tribe Press Release

Indian Country Today Newspaper
Indian Country News
OKIT Online - Oklahoma's Indian independent news

BackToTheBlanket Journal
Canku Ota (Many Paths) Table of Contents
Rednations.com- News

Turtle Island Native Network

The Associated Press

AIROS Home Page


ABC.com: ABC TV's Official Site



Native American Journalist Association
The Cherokee Observer
Charlie Ray's Nashville Music Festival
American Indian Review
Native American Newsletter - Buffalo Trails

Official Web Sites
Native American Nations Alphabetical by name
Univ. of Boulder, CO, Native American Treaties and Information
PSR: Physicians for Social Responsibility
ILTweb: LiveText: SS: Native American Navigator
Tribal Preservation Program, National Park Service
U.S. Navy History
Veterans on the Net!
Department of Veterans Affairs
The Carter Center
Native American United Methodist Church
Office of Trust Responsibilities
Indian Health Service
U.S. DOL - Women's Bureau
ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union
League of Women Voters
The We The People Organization
House Democratic Caucus
Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Tribal Services
DOJ: U.S. Department of Justice
Eye On Justice
U.S. Federal Government Agencies
BOP Home Page
Civil Rights Division
Office for Civil Rights
Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI - Freedom of Information Act - Reading Room Index
Native American Caucus
Native American Rights Fund
50states.com - States and Capitals
National Congress Of American Indians

Bureau of Indian Affairs Home Page

Institute of Indigenous Government

The Avalon Project :
Foreign Embassies in Washington D.C.
World Heads Of State E-Mail List

The Democratic National Committee

Republican National Committee
World Homeless Union
Welcome To The White House

Indian Circle Web Ring

The Cherokee National Party
National Governor's Association Online
Wisdom Keepers

AIM, NA Prisoners, Mascots, Activist Sites

NewMantle Rock Native Education & Cultural Center
Terminated Ute of Utah
Thundering Drums, American Indian prisoners and families support group.

Native American Web Magazine
Eddie Hatcher, Political Prisoner
Micheal Half-Moon's Home Page
IN WHOSE HONOR? American Indian Mascots in Sports
Indians Are People, Not Mascots
Exterminate Them - California Story
American Indian Movement Virginia Chapter
American Indian Movement Eastern Dakota Chapter
American Indian Movement Southern CA Chapter
Welcome to AIM of Florida
AIM: One View
Leonard Peltier Defense
Native Americans Prisoners Support Groups

Welcome to AIM Grand Governing Council


AIM Youth Council Texas

A I M Southern CA Chapter

AIM Arizona Chapter
AIM of Florida
AIM South Florida Support Group
American Indian Movement Virginia Chapter
AIM Central Indiana Support Group

(updated) AIM Support Group of Ohio & Northern Kentucky
American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRR)

Web Sites In Support Of The Native Community
NewNative American Art
NewLongtails' Driscoll Mountain
Flags of Native Americans
Shadow's Graphics Plus
Native American Film Commission
Maxx96's Reviews
1851 Treaty
Arkansas Band of Western Cherokee
Big East Native Social Network
United Nations of Turtle Island
Poverti Productions
Martial Arts Talk
N.A.G.I Nederlandse Activisten Groep Indianen
Herd of Steel

Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers
Human Rights In Action
Devoted to saving Buffalo living in Yellowstone Nat'l Park.
Welcome to the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program
Turtle Island Chautauqua

Drumfire Handmade Drums
Band Biographies
LeatheRestoration Services
Gray Clouds Indian Journey
Southeastern Cherokee Council, Inc.

Link Builder
Redwebz - http://redwebz.org
Unatselidv Unadotlvhi Tsalagi Nation
The Rebel Co. - Traditionally Southern preserves, jams, sauces, and more....
Native Women Veterans of our military armed services.
The 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie

Two Bucket's Guide to American Indian Genealogy
Chuck and Yuko Evans
Mixed Blood Indians
Billy Wirth Fan Club Site
From The Heart
Welcome to Native Village
Turtle Woman's Homepage
American Indian Women
Welcome to Women's EDGE
P 51 Mustang Pilot's Home Page
~~StrongBear RedHeart~~
Nancy Ward Cherokee Heritage Days - Sequoyah Birthplace Museum
East Tennessee Indian League, Inc. - Knoxville, TN
Little Wolf
Gathering of Nations Web Site
Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation Home Page

COUNCILFIRE -Intertribal Information
Welcome to Louve's Off the Blue Highways!
Native American Internet Resourses
MOMFeathers Home Page
Native American Home Pages
Native American Culture
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Kuiu Thlingit Nation Alaska Native American Tlingit Indigenous Indians Tradition
Wicomico Woman's World
Yellow Wolf
Tecumseh's Dream 2001
Native American Mixed Blood
Americans for Indian Opportunities
Native Hawaiian Advisory Council
Speak Out For The Buffalo
Camp Justice
Honor Ride
Indigenous People's Day
Indian Circle Webring
Wounded Knee and the Medals of (Dis)Honor
American Comments Web Magazine
The United Confederation Of Taino People
King Ferdinand's letter to the Taino/Arawak Indians
Columbus, My Enemy
Cherokee History to The Trial of Tears
BUTEO' HAWK Tribe of N.C.
Survival International for Tribal People
NDN Rights Project
Dialogue Between Nations
InterTribal Native American Gathering
Turtle Island - Products Celebrating Native American Culture
Geronimo: His Own Story
US Treaties with Indians - 1776 to 1800
Pipestone Indian Shrine Association
Voice of the Wood
Native Heritage
Cherokee Indian River Community
Cyndi's List - Native American
Kevin - Native American Vet in Wheelchair
Alihelisdi's Home Page
White Feather's Native American Graphics
Weeping Willow's Home Site
Maddi's Native American Center
Vote for Your Favorite Native American Actor

1998 American Indian Film Festival
First Americans in the Arts
Celebrity Corner
David Midthunder - Native American Actor
Rachel's Home Page
Purple Wolf's Passion
Branscombe Richmond's Official Web Site
Wes Studi's Official Web Site
Rodney A. Grant's Official Web Site
Billy Wirth
Sound of America Records
Silver Wave Records
Triloka Records
Oglala Commemoration
Red Earth Keepers
Aboriginal Connections
Bearpaw's Council Fire
Raven Winds

Educational Web Links
Flags International
Native American Film Commission

Indian Pathfinders

Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers & Storytellers
Education WorldŽ : Holidays & Special Days Center
STAR - Students and Teachers Against Racism

Native Way Cookbook: The Cookbook of the Grandmothers
 Talking Leaves: On and Offline Publications and Media Resources From Native America
Gathering of Nations
Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness
American Indian Heritage Foundation
MultiCultural Review Main Menu Page
English/Cherokee Dictionary
Walking Bear's Index of Native American Culture and Genealogy
U.S. Department of Education
Unbiased Teaching about American Indians and Alaska Natives
Tanasi Powwow Dance Group
Welcome to FCVP
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Indigenous Studies
Official Site for Families

Cryptology: Navajo Code Talkers in World War II
Navajo Code Talkers Dictionary
Weekly Reader Galaxy
First American Education Project
American Indian College Fund
Turtle Tracks - Native Youth Newsletter
The Alive! - Education Network: History
The Native American Sports Council

Running Strong For the American Indian Youth
Jim Thorpe Official Web Site
A & E .com
Discovery Channel
History Channel
Library of Congress
Not Just For Kids - A Thanksgiving Lesson Plan
National Native American Heritage Month
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Native American Studies
UCLA American Indians Studies Center
Just Say NO To Drugs and Alcohol the Indian Way

Environmental Groups

NewEarth Mother Crying
NewBlue Thunder
NewSpiritual Elders of Mother Earth
NewCanada's Prairie Shrines And Sacred Sites
F.N.E.N. B.C. Environmental Concerns Forum
Belize River Valley
Indigenous Environmental Network
Midwest Treaty Network

Mining Impact Coalition
NRDC: Natural Resources Defense Council



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